'A Dream' by MunchyPaws

'A Dream'

Within the melody as you sleep, drifting away with faith and time. Filling yourself of mind and peace, burdens of the day swept aside from your eyes, continuous flow in one's self-esteem, growing and fading inside.

The drifting waves of color wrapping around your exposed-self, across and around the finger cracks. Your fingertips touching the bare source, enriched with life.

Slowly consuming you within its motherly grasp, drifting relentless amongst the current, flowing in silent, in awe of your presence, the falling of autumn leaves, twirling and twisting within.

Your heart the beacon in life, glowing as your navigator, of light and power and warmth, soon to be reaching the day ahead, rejuvenated, knowing you once traveled this remedy that sparked inspiration and love into your soul for life ahead.

Will you soon take this travel that brought me such depth and peace into my eyes?

Become a reality, our hands one day to enwrap amongst one another, to smile amongst the world, and be grateful that we are alive.

'A Dream'


4 July 2015 at 19:31:53 MDT

A free write that I did while listening to Eluvium's 'Prelude for Time Feelers' <3

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