Jelly-crystal caverns by MrPoloMan

Jelly-crystal caverns


25 February 2014 at 15:18:48 MST

Made since 2013

Description as of 2013:

"Welcome ladies and gentlemen to our short tour of the Jelly-crystal caverns. Home to naturally forming jelly stalagmites, structures, and of course crystal formations. I'm your guide, Pen Vania.
For years now, this town takes pride in serving some of the finest gelatin treats around, a title that shines above other names besides worlds only seizure inducing painting of a staircase. 'How do you make such delicious cold treats' you ask? Well this my friend is all thanks to this seemingly odd cave, which happened to be discovered in 1989 by a Llama named Beti L. Triggers, who survived 3 days hiding here from a army of near-sighted tree monkeys with spinning sombreros. This cavern is what made our town a landmark & a tourist attraction!
Our tourists are greeted with not just misleading bipolar parking signs, but also fresh jelly, newly formed and carved for eating from these ever so quickly forming structures. It normally takes 1 day or so for a jelly crystal to reach its prime before it can be served in our food parlors and courts; 2 hours to grow into its shape, and the rest to gather nutrition and flavor to give it its signature taste and quality. But oh; please do be careful when sampling a crystal yourself, they have a tendency to draw you in more than you probably intended for a while. When I say 'for a while' I mean 'hope you've booked a hotel room with mass absorbent towels'. ...That is unless you want the full B.L.T. experience.
Moving on now everyone..."