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“We’ll have to resort to tactics!” by Mrduhast

“We’ll have to resort to tactics!”


27 March 2015 at 08:18:33 MDT

Spectra frowned disapprovingly. “WAR WOLF! SHE STILL AIN’T MOVING!”

War Wolf entered Evay’s bedroom and huffed glaringly, feeling a singular brow twitch in annoyance. “What have you tried?”

Spectra laughed out dryly, prodding the lynx in the butt with a length of steelight summoned in her hand. “I’ve tried flipping her out of bed but she’s heavy.”

The crimson warrior moved in and unleashed her secret weapon. Spectra backed off, waiting for the cyborg to leap out of the bed and tear the room apart, but nothing happened. The sleeping lynx remained where she was, all be it with a shiny new shuriken lodged in the right arse cheek.

War Wolf frowned. “She has a shuriken in the butt!”

“When cyborgs want their sleep, they mean it,” Spectra chuckled.

War Wolf held up the remainder of her throwing stars and sheathed them back into the compartments of her utility belt. “We’ll have to resort to tactics!”

Ha, ha, a little fun picture with Evay in the Colmaton universe a few weeks in on the Evay Joins Training Day stories. Poor girl has worked so hard, it's impossible to get her up...can the dynamic duo, War Wolf and Spectra wake the sleeping cyborg? How many times will Evay be prodded in the butt? Will she notice the embedded shuriken in her right arse cheek when it is too late? ... I just hope Spectra isn't planing on taking her temperature with that bit of steelight?

Art by   atherra
Evay owned by me
War Wolf and Spectra owned by   vivavulpes


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    S...Shuriken... That's new