Cell shaded version: Cyber-Lynx in flight by Mrduhast

Cell shaded version: Cyber-Lynx in flight


24 March 2015 at 06:21:43 MDT

This extraordinary work was done by   ethanqix who upgraded my flat color for a cell shaded and added extra fur detail. And yes, Evay here is Astro boy inspired. She is my cyborg Lynx from my stories, Cyber-Lynx. Wrote the section below to this music that fits my girl's theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzQ3eBerHfM

Find her adventures titled under Cyber-Lynx in my gallery
CH: 1 http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12133878/

Soaring higher and higher with wind tearing through her ruff sent thrills greater than any sexual pleasure she had ever known. No ride in her life meant anything as special than to be riding on wings of innovation and jet propulsion, twin flames shooting from her feet. Evay couldn't contain her smile and neither did she want to, not in the skies where she was both alone, and one with the world.

Evay’s jets kicked in and her speed increased, the wind roaring in her ears as she rode on the highway of limitless freedom. Her child-like curiosity easily had the best of her, telling her to eat the floating marshmallow islands of the skies, only to end up blazing through the clouds like the bio-mechanical angel on fire that she was.

With the howling roar of wind and friction, putting metal and muscle under tension, Evay took the challenge and revved her gears, pushing for an extra boost that only the most insane adrenaline junkie cyborg would dare.

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