Twist's Blast From The Cringe 1- Jaybird by Mr. Dubcat

Twist's Blast From The Cringe 1- Jaybird

Mr. Dubcat

28 March 2017 at 23:30:17 MDT

Back in February, my best buddy on dA, tagged me when he was getting into the "Cringe-Fest challenge", in which you must either draw one character or multiple characters in their
first design, with the exact style they came from for seven days.

I originally planned to ignore this honestly, since I really don't like doing challenges, but since March was very busy and I was having difficulties with drawing, I needed anything to draw.

Now, a month later, GToons-Inc is introducing...

Twist's Blast From The Cringe!

7 days of Twist, from his old avian designs in 2013 to his cat designs up until Spring of 2014, all in their respected styles with modern-day graphics and shading!

Here's his first incarnation, the Jaybird! A very odd title for a character who was meant to be a bluejay at the start, but suddenly gotten green on his left side, getting me confused and eventually calling him a Jaybird!

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