Goretober #11- Skewered by Mr. Dubcat

Goretober #11- Skewered

Mr. Dubcat

13 October 2016 at 23:37:00 MDT

GToons' own one-of-a-kind cannibal party animal of the 21st century...

Just got skewered.

From this picture, you can see that Wolfgang is as tough as it gets. When he turns into a monster, there's no stopping him as he hunts for his next meal. Hell, you can trap his hand under a boulder, but he'll just bite off that motherfucker like a coyote and walk it off, though personally, he doesn't enjoy it, not because of the pain, because he says, and I quote, "apparently I taste too sweet." end quote.

Unfortunately for Wolfgang, his hunt may reach its end. As he stalked his prey, a javelin went through his right thigh, then in no time, another went through his right forearm. Although distractingly painful, one more javelin flies and strikes through Wolfgang's chest. He is defeated and the last thing seen by this cannibalistic freak is his wide bloodied smile...

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