Goat Warrior Wielding a Axe by Mr. Dubcat

Goat Warrior Wielding a Axe

Mr. Dubcat

7 September 2016 at 18:27:36 MDT

In the Spring of 2015, 8th grade me had an idea that I wholeheartedly loved. The gist of it was that it was a soldier in the army, who joined to avenge the death of his father when he was young. Did I mention that the soldier was a dragon-cat hybrid living in Ancient Japan? :3. At one point in the story, the soldier would have fought a demon that went into his dreams that were accidently given to him by his friend as a birthday gift.


The idea was shelved later that same year.

Fast forward to Spring 2016, while in class, 10th grade me drew this small goat, ANTHRO goat, anthro goat, can't forget that, in my notebook. Upon seeing it, I remember that in my story from Spring last year, one of the enemies the protagonist and the army fought were blue goats (Yes, you read that right). So when it came to digitalizing, I decided to redesign an old drawing of one of those blue goat warriors and change his color to white, draw out his armor and give him just a puny, stupid, hot loincloth.

I like this character design and I might possibly reuse it for another current idea

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