Trip to the Aquarium by Motsaenggin

Trip to the Aquarium


30 June 2016 at 13:01:53 MDT

My character Dwindle (right) on a trip to a local aquarium with his girlfriend / waifu Chiliza (left), who belongs to my girlfriend rift

Chili is super chill about it and all the super cute oceanbbs, Dwindle... is really just perturbed that there are bottomfeeders even among sealife. He thought feeding off of the scraps of others was exclusive to the peasants of his people, apparently. So much for that illusion!

We made this as a collaboration during summer vacation. rift did the sketching and inking of our characters. I sketched, inked and colored the rest of it. In case you are interested in progress shots, you can find them on rift's Tumblr account through the following links:

1) Sketch:
2) Establishing Color:
3) "Pop" Color:
4) "Pop" Color 2:

Working together was a ton of fun, and I really hope you guys like it too! Sincere apologies for my lack of any real watercolor marker skills; they are very new to me, and working with anything other than markers feels foreign to me. c':

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    freakin SIICCCCKKKKK!~ ya both did a fantastic job on this @ o @! lmao Dwindle's face, NO FUN ZONE! and Chiliza is so cute and happy, kawaii leems ; u ;c! <3 the detail is immense! great job on the background and colours, wowE!

    also neat to see how it all came together 8D hope you guys do more collabz in the future!

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      Thank you! We will certainly do more collabs in the future, although traditional work at the moment is a little complicated because of geographical reasons. c'8
      It was fun to do a marine image for once, seeing as I loved to dive and examine underwater life when I was younger and had the opportunity to do so, hahah.