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Leaving...!! by MothSicles



Im leaving Weasyl! Its a nice site and I like how it popped up in an effort to escape Furaffinity but...

I dont get any comments or +watches or even faves on here. Its almost like a waste of effort and a pain to keep it up. Im sorry but the only place Ill be posting my art is on FurAffinity! I may also make an art Tumblr but it wont be for a while since Im busy.

My MothSicleSuits will still be here as a business obligation but I wont be using this personal page anymore. My art will remain here though since it would take days to delete it all (and Weasyl doesnt have an account deletion process yet unfortunately)

If you want to see my fursuit making Weasyl go here:

My Furaffinity is here:

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    the more people leave this site, the more deserted it will become, have you furries learned nothing? seriously?

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    That's a shame. If the faves and watches are the only thing that matters to you, I guess you can feed IMVU.

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      If a tree falls somewhere on Weasyl, but nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

      So if you're putting time and effort into maintaining and advertising an account, but the utter lack of feedback tells you that your art is unwanted, then why not just skip the posting part and just stuff it in a box at home?

      Alternatively, if there's a bunch of people somewhere else who would love to see your art, why not go show it to them? Is there something inherantly immoral about wanting to show your art to the people who actually want to see it?

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        Far from me this statement. I just say it's sad that you're no longer feeding both websites. At some point, the people leaving weasyl will stop increasing this website's feeds and it will collapse just like Inkbunny. It's not really something we should be glad of, imo. That's how Furaffinity stayed so long without any evolution, because why bother?

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          Contrary. I began upload here over the past week or so, and intend to continue for the time being.

          I just rankle at the idea that wanting an audience for art postings is somehow immoral or shallow. I reminds me of shrieking accusations of elitism and greed at low income artists who prioritize paid commissions over taking more new requests and trades out of need for to pay rent that month.

          I also question the idea that if you provide art, fans will automaticly follow. It sounds logical, yes, but I look around me and see a steady stream of art and few if any fans supporting it. This implies artist flight is a symptom, not the disease, and you're heckling an innocent party.

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    Hi there !! I totally understand where you're coming from! I just want to give you a few pointers on how to gain more watchers/favorites: COMMENT! Comment on artwork when you have any free time to do so. Talk to other users and artists! Again, I know time is an issue for everyone, but even leaving 1 comment per day on a new piece helps!

    ADVERTISE! Talk about Weasyl on FA if you use it. If you have a tumblr, or Twitter, etc, post links to your weasyl account there. Remind your current fans that you would like to be a bit more active on Weasyl. Keep it up, and don't give up!

    But it is up to you, of course. I wish you luck either way! And also, this budgie character is TOO CUTE OMG!

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      So that's why I get so many comments compared to +favs here? People are trying to advertise hehee!

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        Or maybe they like you/your artwork and want to get to know you? That happens, too :>