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Gore Rd. Graphic by Mortimus

Gore Rd. Graphic


15 October 2012 at 08:51:45 MDT

Every year, I help my dad run a haunted trail to help raise money for a program called Gifted Warriors. At $6-$7 a person, it’s not a bad deal considering that 100% of the money goes toward the kids - Everything else is paid out of our pockets. Since I started college, I have been unable to teach the kids myself, but I do dedicate my time by working every night as the mascot of said trail and making things like posters or T-shirt designs for the trail itself.

With some help from Crystumes, we’ll have a proper costume this year based off of my design above, and these were the t-shirts I made for the trail. I’m quite happy with the design, and hopefully in October we’ll have some pictures up of stuff going on the trail itself. But for now, feel free to check out pictures from last year… And if you happen to be around the area in October, feel free to drop by and take a ride. c:

Also feel free to see the entire shirt design here!

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    i want a shirt with this illustration. seriously - if you post a large file of it on Redbubble, i could buy one and you could make proceeds. people would flip for stickers of this too im sure

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      Oh man, thanks! We actually wound up unable to make the shirt, but I did think about putting it up as a design somewhere because I was pretty proud of it and honestly wanted a shirt of it myself! Haha. I will have to check into it...

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    oh, please do! and remember to let me know if you do!