[F] Cryptic by Mortimus

[F] Cryptic


30 December 2018 at 09:33:58 MST

I had to give a shot at making my own spidersona thanks to the tag trending all over my timeline since Into the Spider-Verse came out. If you haven't seen it, it's probably one of the best movies I've seen this year and definitely the best spiderman anything I've ever watched. The animation is beautiful, the characters are on point and realized, and the story telling is amazing. Oh, and I've been listening to the soundtrack on repeat, too, so I'm sure that hasn't helped.

Anyway, this is Cryptic, also known as Crypt. They are inspired by a skeleton tarantula since they're a little thicker than the typical spider folk. They're not the best web slinger, but they do have a good heart and will give it their all to make things right, even if their methods are unorthodox. They probably have more in common with Peter B. Parker than Gwen or Miles since they don't have that teenage spark. Also much like a tarantula, their web shooters are also loaded with something they can shoot as an irritant (possibly fiberglass like? Still working it out!) to impair their foes.

I might draw more of them, I just wanted to at least get them out first with what their suit would look like before I jumped into the fun of putting clothes and accessories over it.

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