Spring Festival by morpheuskibbe

Spring Festival


1 April 2019 at 12:40:48 MDT

EzrasPost did the art

=11ptPremium Story
Kate has had an interesting life.  Lots of things she wished had never happened, some she shuddered to remember.  She had fought and killed others, been kidnapped and violated, and even in slaved.  The memories of it all haunted her at times.  However, there were yet other things that she would never change, like her children. 

=11ptKate strolled along with her daughter.  Her sons had already run ahead to the spring festival.  Given some of the events in Kate’s past she wasn’t fully sure who the father of each one was, but she didn’t really care at this point.  They were her kids and that was what was important.

=11pther daughter tugged a bit as they got closer.  The spring festival was a regular event that Kate had been traditionally avoiding.  She was a reserved woman after all, and revelry sometimes brought up memories.  All that being said, she didn’t want to deny the fun to her children.  They were fairly well grown now.  Her daughter, Alicia, was almost 16 and quite the momma’s girl, except that she was much more flamboyant that Kate herself.

=11pt“Some on Mom” Alicia said and tugged, “The party is already going”
=11pt“Oh I’m coming dear, its just a festival.”

=11pt“Well its all about spring and rebirth.” Alicia smirked, “And fertility”

=11pt“I am aware” Kate sighed, “I’ll avoid the drinks if you don’t mind and you be careful yourself.. ohh my”
=11ptThe two had gotten close enough to the festival to see the going’s on, and sure enough some of the partiers were already drunk, at least one girl was running around topless as men tossed flower crowns to her.

=11pt“Ohh mom you should see your face” Alicia teased.

=11pt“You aren’t going to be doing that are you?” Kate asked concerned.

=11pt“mmm, no.  not at first at least”

=11.0pt“Wait what..?” Kate started but Alicia had run off and started mingling already. 

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