Jackie's Diary Day 1 - Drawn by Xutwo by Moro

Jackie's Diary Day 1 - Drawn by Xutwo


19 July 2015 at 01:55:28 MDT

My friend Zumi took me out to a club tonight and despite being being a little shy I decided to join her because she assured me that there would be more balloonies like us. Within 15 minutes of entering The Blue Moon, Zumi squealed excitedly and grabbed my arm rushing me over to a semi-private booth in the back of the dance floor.

As it turned out she'd noticed a friend of hers by the name of Moro sitting in the booth and silently sipping away at a tall glass of a green liquid with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth. She later told me that she'd seen Moro in her booth when we arrived but wanted to make sure she would be sociable before she introduced us.

Moro struck me as somewhat grumpy at first and very unfriendly, her smooth rubbery texture was dulled with talcum powder to stop her sheen and the cigarette burned silently as she stared me down with her blue eyes.

Zumi was rambling on about how great it was to see her again and I was sitting and listening while giggling at her stories while Moro said barely anything, the chain hanging off of my jeans jangling.

After about half an hour Moro had finished her drink and the cigarette before she asked us to come back with her to her lab so that she could show us what she was working on. Zumi's eyes lit up like fireworks and she was elated, I wasn't too sure about it having only just met this husky but I went along anyway...

It was only a 15 minute walk from The Blue Moon to a regular looking blue house in a fairly sparse suburb and we all went inside. Moro shushed us both as we entered as her girlfriend had apparently gone to bed and we quietly snuck down to the basement, my body hissing and squeaking while the other two seemed to be relatively silent.

When we got down into the large white room my eyes widened, the place looked like a mad scientists lab mixed with a hoarder's house. There were electronic parts and pieces strewn all over work benches along with tools and other things along with plants, distilling equipment and crystals.

Moro suddenly turned around to me and asked me to step into the small room with the glass wall off to the side and while I hesitated slightly, I obliged.

Inside the room there was a latex-like leotard, gloves and leggings that almost seemed tailored to me with the note "Change clothes" sitting on them. I immediately turned around and looked out the glass questioningly and Zumi gave me a silent nod before giggling to Moro with a cheeky grin on her face.

I did as I was told and found a carrot underneath, wanting to break the tension I giggled to myself and slipped it between my cleavage and pressed myself up against the glass window, I saw Moro and Zumi sniggering slightly before everything faded to black...

Art & Zumi ©   xutwo

Jackie ©   moro_husky

Unless you are myself or the artist you do not have permission to copy, edit or otherwise crop and re-upload this image. If you do Moro and Xutwo will come after you.

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