The Adventures of Terry Mc Claiming by Morgan-Anderton

The Adventures of Terry Mc Claiming


1 October 2017 at 08:22:13 MDT

This was a concept piece I had been working on that was based around the character with the white mask on the right side of his face named Terry Mc Claiming.

Terry is a huge monologest and tells his own tale of how he ended up trapped chains, and then fleeing from Lucifer with Stalagus carrying him to safety.

It all started on the day that he was in the lowest part of the Greed realm in Hell where he was being threatened by to give them the money he owns to them but he makes up silly excuses and gets beat up in the process, this is where Zero comes in and the Demons flee.

He helps Terry and allows him to come back with him to Deathless City to give him somewhere to live and to also help him with working out bills, also to be his future Accountant. Terry's life began to get better and a common thing was that imps through the amount of wealth they gain, they look more younger and less impish. Which basically what happen with Terry. At first he thought everything was okay until Lucifer had shown up outside the Creeks house and saw Terry, when Terry walks out back to his home, unlocking the door, Lucifer grabs Terry and shoves him to the floor. Lucifer States to Terry that he should come and work for him.

Terry refuses and Lucifer says that if he didn't he would do something he would regret. Terry then said 'like you could do anything to me anyway and the answer was still no.' Lucifer then grabs Terry pulling out a box of matches and setting Terry's face on fire. Luckily it only spread to half of his face, which was his right side. eventually he had to wear a mask on the right side of is face as the scar was really bad and this made Terry feel insecure. Eventually Terry had been taken by Lucifer and was chained to a ball and chain and was forced to do as Lucifer said.

Zero Realises it had been a few days since he last saw Terry and decides to see if he was in his home. Zero finds a note that says I have your accountant, don't try to find him. You won't get him back he belongs to me now. Zero runs back into his home and back to his lab, trying to create a serum to crate a creature that could protect Terry. He began to work and throw different types of chemicals, ink and DNA together to create a serum that if injected into any object or matter could make it change form and become a being or creature of superior strength but lacked intelligence.

Zero had ran down to Franklin's house and asked if he could inject the serum into one of the artifical bodys he was working on. Franklin asks why and Zero begins the explanation as to Terry going missing and that he wanted to find him and give him some sort of protection to save Terry from Danger. Frank said it was okay but told Zero he would have to strap in the body onto the operation table as a safety precaution. Zero nodded and they began to perform the procedure. Once the procedure had finished, the serum had changed and modified the DNA of the artifical body, into a extremely buff disney esc looking cyclops character, Franklin walks up to Zero saying he needed to give him a name, and Zero put his hand to his chin and began to think for 5 minutes until he came up with a name for Creature.

The name that he gave to the creature was 'Stalagus'. He then helped Stalagus out of the building and pulled out a picture of Terry showing Stalagus the picture, Stalagus doesn't understand so Zero explains in the easiest and understandable way for Stalagus. Eventually Stalagus understands and they begin to search around.

Terry is working tirelessly and notices Zero walking with someone and he begins to knock hard on the window. Stalagus Hears and turns around seeing Terry and saying 'Uhh... Boss why is that guy screaming at us....' Zero grabs Stalagus's hand and runs towards the house and Stalagus smashes the window open alerting Lucifer and Zero Jumps in and tells Stalagus to destract Lucifer whilst he was removeing Terry's chains. Stalagus walks up to the door and Lucifer walks out puzzled, saying who the hell are you and why are you on my door step, For the next few minutes all you could hear was Stalagus saying uhhhhhh.... repeatedly until Zero and Terry Jump out of the window and shouted RUN! Lucifer sees this and tries to get around stalagus but he wouldn't budge. Stalagus then hits Lucifer and began to run away.

They all make it back and Zero introduces Stalagus to Terry, and they both become great friends.

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