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Terra by MoonstalkerWerewolf



erra got a major update and I regret nothing. eue I also decided to go for a substantial landscape with this one, so it took me quite a while, but I am pleased with the result! I love drawing rocks even if they're tedious. I'm glad I finally drew Terra again since the last time was in Fall 2014, and with updating others, I decided to make her subtly so but definitely more ornate, since her old design was more or less too boring for a Stone Spiritai meant to be the Stone Heir.

Terra is the third in line of the Eight, also known as "Earthshaker" for her prowess and sheer power at manipulating rock. Despite her title and initially looking ferocious, she's generally meek and timid, although she's terrifying when you provoke her. Being the most difficult of the 7 siblings for Aleron to take down, he was only able to feel comfortable with keeping her alive by sealing a great portion of her power, wishing to shame her more than kill her in her fall. For many centuries he had her put under the Stone Vendixus Dekk Vorma as a disgraced Stone, therefore losing much of her status in general, until she managed to escape Dekk a final time.

Artwork and character © me. Please do not copy or redistribute.
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