Alan Would Like to Battle! by Molly

Alan Would Like to Battle!


30 January 2014 at 12:24:46 MST

Preview for a comic I'm currently working on for the Distortion OCT on deviantart!
Alan is property of CinnamoonAkia.

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    Wow, you're really good at animals and people. :D

    I like how Alan looks really professional with his expression and clothes. I am really impressed with the folds on his pants, I always have so much difficulty with those. All of his clothing folds are really accurate. They're really nice.

    If you don't mind a little critique. His left hand (your right) which is holding the pokeball looks like it could be squared out and slightly elongated. His body also seems a little long and slightly thin in comparison to his shoulders. His arms seem a little bit long but it isn't immediately noticeable. To me it feels like his hips could be brought up a little bit and his legs elongated to match his body and his arms could be shortened a little.

    However, his face and neck and shoulders are perfect! Right on. His feet and the structure of his legs is great. His right hand couldn't be any better. :3

    I like his flip hairstyle too, you got the flow of it nice, it looks smooth as if he cares about his appearance.

    That cow is damn adorable with it's little smile and pretty eyes.

    I hope I didn't sound nitpicky and helped out a little bit. I really like this. :3

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      No no critiques greatly help ^^
      I do see how I could have fixed him and hands were always the hardest part for me to do. Hopefully I'll figure them out someday haha, highly doubtful though.

      Thank you for your feedback! It really helps and glad it turned out pretty good~ Thanks! <3