Eddie Shoots on Pepe and Fifi by MofetaFanBoy718

Eddie Shoots on Pepe and Fifi


29 January 2014 at 23:35:31 MST

Eddie Jr.: Pepe Le Pew! Fifi La Fume! For over many decades, you two have been famous and as well as infamous for being the most persistent Romeos, Casanovas, both male and female. You two are the reason why our species are looked upon as sexual offenders and the worst lovers in existence. My father thought it would be awesome that French skunk and a Mexican skunk would put their past differences aside and form an alliance, a dominating alliance that would put other alliances and tag teams to shame. But what the hell happened? You, Pepe, decided that “love conquers all”. Bullshit! And the same goes with that fellow Frenchie twat, Fifi. Although you’re actually stronger than Pepe by strength, you’re just the same as your supposed mentor. You chase after boys and shit because you’re looking for love, you know what I say to that? Fucking pathetic.
I thought I found love but then the bitch didn’t gave a fuck and decided to leave my fucking ass as well as my kids. I was right about women like that. Just like when my god forsaken mother left me and my family to pursue her dreams of making money and be a famous skank on magazines and TV, more then what my father provided for US when he worked his ASS off as a professional wrestler, INTERNATIONALLY FUCKING KNOWN!! She left my family just so she can leave for the sake of being free, as well as being her own woman. But let’s not talk about that because that’s a subject saved for another damn time, let’s talk about you and that Casanova has-been mentor of yours, Pepe.

You two are the reason you give skunks a bad name and you two are the reason why skunks are seen as sex offenders and molesters. Me and my father, my brother and my kids are going to bring back “FEAR” in the name of skunks, we are bringing back “FEAR” in the name of the Mofeta Family! You two can’t produce what my father, what my brother, and what I put into, and that’s fear, we put that. We put the fear in the name of skunks and if you wanna prove us wrong and show us that YOU TOO can put the fear in the name of “Mouffette”? The doors are always open, and there’s gonna be a fight--- No no no no. There’s gonna be a double homicide and it’s a goddamn slaughter waiting to happen.

Viva La Familia Mofeta cabrones!

(Disclaimer: If it's a shoot, then he means it. Also this is just a drawing of a vent Eddie wanted to put out there. This is NOT from me, this is just something I made up cause I was bored and inspired to draw shoots from wrestling.)

Eddie Mofeta, Jr. and art by MofetaFanBoy

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