Blue the bar lady~ -collab by Mkananoja

Blue the bar lady~ -collab


5 August 2014 at 14:54:09 MDT

drawn July 14, 2014

So it was one of those fine evenings that blue found herself enjoying the local nightlife

Oh look, i can do collabs too now >D
floravola gave me the lineart of this work and let me butcher it with my awesome coloring skills as i needed the practice xD

This is perfect example how few day project can become whole month long xD
took way longer to color this than i planned, simply because i always had "something better" to do and simply forgot it few times... ooops? xD
but hey, now its done, and filled with mistakes \o/

Hope you like it x3

You can find the original work here:

Lineart (c) floravola
Blue (c) floravola
Coloring done by mkananoja