Amethyst reference sheet traditional by Mkananoja

Amethyst reference sheet traditional


5 August 2014 at 12:28:09 MDT

drawn August 5, 2013

Aaand its the last time i use color pencils, its absolutely inpossible to spread the color evently xD

Noticed that there where no real reference anywhere bout my fursona, know as Amethyst

Well.. there aint much to refer to tought... I'm not that kind of persons who has to add ridiculously alot of details and such, even if it makes them look 'nicer'.
Easily to say enought that he is semiclone of a Cynder and Spyro... tell the truth, they where only reference I had back then when I first created him and now... I'm just grow too fond to it to be altered to way or an annother.
And colour purple? well... telling the truth my favourite colour is deep purple, way before I knew about Spyro. so naturally he is purple, while his crests and underbelly are brownish-yellow as well as 'wingarms' while wings self are much ligther purple, and eyes golden yellow. horns are white.
he has 3 clawmarks on his rigth foreleg, where scales has not grown back to protect the inner, more vunearable pinkish flesh. He also has four 'fingers' on his wings instead of three. To add his oddities futher, he also has 5 digits on forepaws where 1 digit act as thumblike manner. And hindpaws holds 5 digits as well. Unlike on forepaws tough, hindpaws' digits are all alike. This is why his paws are quite wide, even if digits self are thinner than fellow species'.

however as for the paws, i was unable to bring the image of the paws from my mind on the paper, so close reference for paws is not included. i may add them on this, or new reference sheet once i am able to draw them

Unlike he appearance may tell, he is not related spyro or cynder anyway, nor comes he from same brood of eggs.
He is also smaller than others at the same age and very slim. and its very uncommon male dragon to have smooth horns like he does. Woudn't be the first time he is mistaken as a female from greater distance. And his name Amethyst, tough it is asexual self, isn't exacly helping.

And what comes to elements; he has none
And flying... hes grounded, Never learnt to fly, tough his ambition to learn to is quite remarkable, albeit usually his tries end up rather comically that includes hitting the only tree head first in the meadow.

As for personality, Often he just hangs around by himself tough he welcomes any company that seeks him out. When he finds himself around on bigger group he is usually the most quiet one, feeling a bit outsider. He is however very good listener and thus he has ended up quite often being one who everyone comes to talk about their troubles. He has been most of his live as loner, and that's not surprising still to see him being alone but after he me Adalon, it has become very uncommon. Now he follows her around almost constantly, as if to catch up after being so long alone.

Fist impression from him is that he seems to be quite blank when it comes to emotions, always seems to be 'neutral'. But in truth he is easily to be entertained and made laugh and smile.
His sence of humour is quite odd as well and very few gets it, even them mostly misses the point. could be because he spent alot of time with Volteer
He has deeper emotional side as well, albeit usually harder to trigger. He may get mad but never goes physical because of it and is more likely to disengage from argument and seek seclusion to calm down. during this time he may also break down and cry.

meh... i didnt include the paws xD
thing is... i suck at them xD
perhaps later folks!

Amethyst is character of mine and belongs to me
Drawing and mess-up belongs to me also

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