Merry Christmas 2009 by Mkananoja

Merry Christmas 2009


5 August 2014 at 09:37:55 MDT

drawn December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas n' happy new year!!!¡!

well, this came a bit late i admit, but its ready now! ^^

have to say, this one made alot of more work that i never dared to imagine. i made so many mistakes i dont have enougth fingers (or toes) to count them.

first was the idea of space filling, i first gave too much space to each character and after few characters i realized that there wasnt enought room for all of the characters (there is 26 characters in this pic!) so i had to leave few characters out, including mine, what i first intended to use; im dearly sorry about this. this was fatal mistake i made and i am rigthfully to blame.
second thing is 'normal' mistakes; line missplacements odd lookiness and such.
third was time. i tough i where able to finish this in time and all, but fate told othervice, at the moment i came to back to at my parents, i simply couldnt find time to draw anything at all. and when i tougth i was ready and just about to push submit button, i noticed i have missed one person's character totally! soo... back to "drawingtable" and second set of photos.
Fourth, Rest
As the 'deadline' started to approach i just had to try and finish it in time, and after every character, i grew more and more tired wich clearly shows off on the quality of the characters. few characters looks fantastic in a way, while others; and i hate to admit, looks absolutely terrible and deffinitelly not my best. not even good.

well anyway, despide my emo moment i hope you like this small piece of chrismas present! ^^

here is the order from top row from left to right and characters' owners (two lists of owners wtf D= )

top row: Berserker (Razzek), RazzRat (Razzek), Roxy (RoxyDragoness), Kayla (Lithium-dragon482)

Middle row: Shalone (shaloneSK), Zonoya (ShaloneSK), Cassire (YahootheDragon), Sparx (universtal), Fasuhn (Ignitus1992), Sazi (Sazigirl), Sophie (Clawshokdragon) Thorn (Thorn2007), Xena, (Thorn2007), Singe (SexyCynder), Nigthshade (DragonofDarkness1992)

Lowest row: Frijir (ShaloneSK), Nina (ShaloneSK), Ash (ShaloneSK), Cyra (PyroDragoness), Cynder (universtal), Spyro (universtal), Meeper (Razzek), Ember (universtal), Flame (universtal), Apollo (Thorn2007), Ligthshade (SexyCynder and DragonofDarkness1992), Nigth (DragonofDarkness1992)

Singe Belongs to :iconsexycynder: SexyCynder
Ligthshade belongs to :iconsexycynder: SexyCynder and :icondragonofdarkness1992: DragonofDarkness1992
Nigthshade and nigth belongs to :icondragonofdarkness1992: DragonofDarkness1992

Cassire Belongs to YahootheDragon

Fasuhn Belongs to Ignitus1992

Zonoya, Shalone, Frijir, Ash and Nina belongs to shaloneSK

Thorn, Xena and Apollo Belogs to Thorn2007

Sazi Belongs to Sazigirl

Roxy (the dragoness) Belongs to RoxyDragoness

Razzrat, Berserker and Meeper belongs to Razzek

Cyra Belongs to PyroDragoness

Sophie belongs to Clawshokdragon

Kayla belongs to Lithium-dragon482

Spyro, Cynder, Flame, Ember and Sparx belongs to universtal

Art belongs to Mkananoja