Bad Juju by MissMonie

Bad Juju


4 April 2019 at 16:16:09 MDT

First doodle of the 2019 Month of Monie! She turned thirteen this year. Well, she's older than that but she's been around for thirteen years. Decided to do Monie and Kaeko as fortune tellers because Kuro suggested it. She even let me borrow Kaeko. Though Kae may show up in more bad luck themed drawings. We'll see.

The blasted desert heat beats down on your head. You've been walking for what seems like hours now with nothing to break up the monotony of sand but overturned and buried wagons. Far on the horizon you notice a blotch of color. Palm trees wave in the breeze and a scrap of canvas flaps back and forth.

Invigorated at the prospect of rest and water, you hurry forward. Your steps falter in the sand but soon you find yourself standing outside the entrance to a makeshift caravan. Above the closed tent curtain settles a sign.

"The Fox and Cat." You read aloud.

It sounds like some silly tavern name from back in the city. Either way it's the first glimpse of living civilization you've seen since heading out into the desert days before. You slip your hand against the heavy tarp and push it aside. A wash of chill air hits your sweaty skin, making you shiver.

"Good day, dear traveler." A woman's voice greets your ears.

"What a long trip you've had." A man's voice joins hers.

Your vision is blurred as your eyes adjust to the dimmer light but as it clears you notice the eerie blue glow illuminating most of the center of the space. An elven woman and a kitsune man sit behind the glittering ball. Both their eyes are fixated on you with a hunger that makes your skin crawl far worse than the strange coldness filling the tent.

"You must be tired from such a long journey." The woman says as she leans closer to her partner, fingers brushing through his unnaturally blue hair.

He holds a mangled doll over the woman's shoulder. The smell of copal smoke lingers on the air.

"Come sit and we will tell you your fortune." He says, exposing sharp fangs with a smile.

"The first reading is free even." The woman hums.

You feel your feet moving towards them on their own accord. You take a seat on the cushion across from them. Slowly your eyes drop to the ball and you see the cracks on the surface and shards of ice swirling below the glass.

"Your future is far from bright..." The pair begin.

Monie belongs to me
Kaeko belongs to :iconrococospade: go give her love. Do it now. NOW!

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