Gluttonous by MissMonie



26 December 2018 at 09:45:20 MST

This took me a little longer than I intended. Usually I have one of Ro's sins done in November but I was working on my novel Wicked Toys for NaNoWriMo and putting more time into one than the other. This is technically in the same vein as my other sin pieces because when I asked Ro a few years ago what the sins would deem sexy attire she said "Beelzy would be in a three piece suit" so here we are!

This is Beelzebub and he belongs to Rococospade and he is the sin of Gluttony. He's meant to be far less human looking than I drew him and far, far thinner than I was able to manage. I'll consider it at this moment an AU version of Beelzy.
The chair actually took me the longest outside of reworking how I had Beelzebub positioned. The chair was done with limited references because I never could find anything that screamed use all of me. So I mainly just did the blocks and scare shapes on different layers to get the basic chair then a few tubes and circles to make the pieces and finally when I was doing the final sketch before the lines I added curves to it. Originally the cushion was also white but someone suggested to make it red. I like it a little better that way.

And the mug. Oh the mug~ Like my Dameon, Beelzy is one of THOSE dads who tells dad jokes and everything. He's just a really interesting character and I talked Ro's ear off about him. He's also pretty terrifying when he needs to be. Which is also always good.

I used clip studio to make the pose and paint tool sai to do the actual drawing.
Beelzebub belongs to Rococospade
Art belongs to me

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