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Play With Me! [By Stray] by Missink

Play With Me! [By Stray]


14 December 2013 at 22:05:51 MST

IF you like this, please go give the artist a watch! I mean why not? =D

Stray had pounced Ink while she wasn't looking, using her body weight to mush the other dog underneath her. Their breasts pressed together creating a sort of cushion between them. Ink laughed as her glasses fell to the side while Stray's tail wagged excitedly above her. Stray let out a little bark before asking "Play?!" Ink giggled once more before nodding her head, looks like she'd be busy for the next few hours.

HNNNGH what can I say about this? this is awesome! I love it sossoosososososoososo much hnnnnnnngh. Stray brought this to me last night and I simply exploded. This girl! I swear! hnngh. The best part of my day is when I get stray boob squishes from her <33

Hnngh i'll play with you any day and anytime stray love <33

Thank you so so sososoososo much! Ilu <33


art and Stray ©   stray

Ink ©   missink