Hometown - High by Misaki-Mai

Hometown - High


16 June 2016 at 01:48:55 MDT

Sorry sorry sorry!
Last one for now.

Not going to do more for now. I still have allot of characters left. Also allot of characters I really wanna do, but these are the main characters and I think thats enought for now. Dont wanna spam you people too much with these. ;^;

So this is High. Dunno from where my brain got the idea for his name, but I guess it had a reason I just cant remember anymore xD
Didnt really change his design. Just his pattern, thats it. .-.

Porgramms used:

Easy Paint Tool SAI - for mostly everything
Adobe Photoshop CC - for the magic

Artwork and Character © Misaki-Mai

!!!You have NO permission to use my Artwork and Characters in ANY way!!!