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Because I love you +[VIDEO] by Misaki-Mai

Because I love you +[VIDEO]


I was finally able to do a speedpaint again.
It wasn´t really a planned one, I just started drawing yesterday since I had some kind of picture in my head I wanted to visualize. And after I sketched it I just couldn´t stop drawing until it was finished and the night was over xD
Well, and here is the result. I didn´t knew what to do with the background and I didn´t wanted to do something too big so I just did some experiments (thats why they are not on the video, lol).
I am happy with the result, and with the tiger. I think Im getting better at them :´D

This is also a little gift thingy for a very special someone of mine<3


But now I feel guilty, I wasnt able to draw for a while and now that I had time, after finishing a commission and a few other projects Im in, I did personal art again. Shame on me. I still have that unfished gift in my files that waits for beeing finished. Im a bad person X_X
I hope to finish it soon >^<


  • Easy Paint Tool SAI
  • Adobe Photoshop CC

Characters and Art (c) Misaki-Mai

!!!You have NO permission to use my art and characters in ANY way!!!