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Cruel World +[VIDEO] by Misaki-Mai

Cruel World +[VIDEO]


"How can this world be so cruel..."




I did take a little pause from drawing since we had allot of work to do for school x.x and we still haven´t finished everything DX
But I just had to turn this sketch into a drawing! I have never drawn a real picture of Haku, just his ref. And I kinda liked this sketch so: why not?

Also: I am still hardly working on a birthday present thats going to be more than just late...hehe...he
BUT my brain just doesnt want to do what I want. I have like a super awesome Idea for that present but my brain is just like "Nah, do something else." And I just want to win that fight so I can do what I want to do :´D meep.

So yeah, trying to do that present now that I am warmed up again.
Hopefully I can finish hat soon so I can upload some bigger pieces that are still unfinished atm.

Hope you like it! :D



  • Easy Paint Tool SAI
  • Adobe Photoshop CC

Art and Character (c) Misaki-Mai

!!You have NO permission to use this artwork or the character in ANY way!!!