Informational: Offspring Colors by Mirromy

Informational: Offspring Colors


23 December 2013 at 11:47:03 MST

On the left is the mother who carried the eggs, the right is the "father" who only gifted DNA.

Top group:

Two Mirromy of the same diet (making the same blood color). They can produce children of varied skin types, all in a close range to either of the parents. The children by default will have the same blood type. So thus the same eye color, and flesh colors of the parents.

Middle Group:

Two mirromy of the same skin type but different diets (blood colors different). They produce children of the same range of skin tones. However, their eye and flesh color will vary. It will however typically be closer to the "mother's" color since they get more of the nutrients from her diet while in the womb.

Bottom Group:

Parents of differing diets and skin types produce a range of colors and blood/flesh types. Children can be a combination of any parent with skin types. Blood type by default is still more likely to be close to the "mother" than the "father".


-It is highly unusual for children to have colors highly differing colors from parents when they hatch. Though these do change over time with diet and environment, they are born similar to their parents.

-Blood types do change as Mirromy age if they change their diet. However whatever the nutrients their mother gave them from her blood that became the yolk sac will be close to their hatching blood. The only reason it may alter, is due to the "father" having a different DNA diet that the young in egg will absorb from their environment before they hatch. This is why the blood color is always closer to the mothers regardless, because more nutrients come from the blood yolk sac.

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