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Murder in the Deep by Miranthia

Murder in the Deep


"Not my gumdrop buttons..."

RIP Gingy; 2001-07.01.21
Sorry not sorry

Blobtter Fish gotta eat too, bro. You hang out in the deep sea for too long something's bound to eat you sooner or later. Thems the breaks. Coulda been a Goblin Shark!

And here we have this weeks Mashie. Our elements were otter/blob fish/gingerbread.
I went in an entirely different direction than everyone else. I had to be that guy. I must say though, I'm very pleased with how it turned out!!

☆ Mashies © Meg --> Megsmashables
☆ Watercolor Texture © cgarofani
☆ Gingy © Whoever created Shrek. Dreamworks?
☆ Artwork © Me