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Cute teen catgirl paws (2018) by MintyMousyX-2

Cute teen catgirl paws (2018)


Since today (November 20th) is Rachel's birthday, what's a better way to celebrate it aside doing a remake of the very first drawing she appear, way back in 2008? XD

While drawn digitally, I've done my best to keep it as close as possible to the original. And I gotta say, Rachel was very, very different back then. At the time she was my first character (Amanda would only come a little later, after this drawing). Heck, she didn't have even a name! I've just created her when I posted it, true be told. XD

Not to mention... Her pawpads. Seeing them again bring me some nostalgia, and while some people liked when the Kat Sisters had pawpads on the soles of their feet (and their palms of their hands too), personally I'm glad for giving Amanda and Rachel feet instead of paws. I mean, the pawpads look cute, but their new feet looked smoother and softer:

So, why remaking this drawing in particular? Why, for several reasons. XD It was the very first drawing Rachel appeared (again, even before her older Amanda was formally introduced), the first fetish drawing I posted in DeviantArt... And since I posted it in 2008, it means it has 10 flippin' years. 10 years! Man, now I feel old. )=

But specially because this drawing represents my old self: despite originally drawing only traditionally and my style wasn't good enough, my drawings tended to be cuter and more innocent back them. Something I'm currently aiming here, to rescue my old self and rescue the good things from that time.

You know, seeing the original again... It brings me several good memories of simpler times. Sure, I had a graphical tablet (a generic one), but it felt awkward, specially since I was used to draw in paper. I wouldn't start using it until much later. I remember the times when I walked from my house to the university (and it was a long trip, mind you, and I didn't even study there.), either by bicycle or by foot. There I went to the print shop, where I accessed the Internet, scanned my drawings and printed some drawings I've got from DeviantArt. Keep in mind, back then, I didn't have an Internet connection at home. So, whenever I needed to access the Internet, I needed to go to the university's print shop. And, oh boy, how often I went there. The trip was always so fun, and being at the print shop and university was even better... And it was just 10 years ago. Many things changed here, but I will still remember those times fondly. Because, at that time, I've met with some wonderful people, who watched me, enjoyed my drawings and talked with me. I've met the people who are my best and closest friends today.

Through this journey I've seen so much, I've passed through so many things, meeting so many people, some good, others bad... Some who are sadly gone and others who have returned... Many things happened in my life and I've changed as much as I've learned a lot. From my mistakes, from my drawings, from my friends... I did some mistakes, I did things that I regret to this days, things that, looking now, I wished I did in another way... I've made friends and lost some. And I'm deeply grateful for everything, even if I'm not able to express it enough or at the right way.

Seeing everything now, seeing the wonderful friends I've known for so long... It makes me feel sad seeing how I tried to move away from all of this. Some horrible things happened in my past, things that even influenced me in how I treated my own friends, the people who I love... And made me deactivate my original account, the one where it all started. I won't lie, I miss that account and there were times when I wished I could go back in time to stop myself from deactivating it and make myself realize how I was treating my own friends. But as someone told me once, many years ago, "don't be sad because it's gone, be happy because you've experienced it and you still remember it". Not to mention, without the mistakes from the past, I would be doomed to commit them sooner or later.

I know I'm stretching this far enough. XD So, to conclude, I want like to thank my friends for making me realize all of this and helping me the right way. I am back and here to stay for good! To be who I am and to be with the ones who I love, and giving everyone the deserved value.

So, here we go, I really hope you all enjoy the drawing. Thank you for everything and for your attention. ^w^

And even though DeviantArt is, sadly, being overtaken by toxic people, I am still grateful for being an user of that site. The fond memories from the past will be with me while I continue through this journey with both old and new friends. ^w^

Rachel Katarina Herdeiros belongs to my friend and bro outrelimit
Rachel is part of OutreSide, which is also being written by my big bro outrelimit
Thank you for everything, my dear friend, you just rock as much you rocked when we first met. (hug)

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