Again a Luigi.. -u- by Miapon (critique requested)

Again a Luigi.. -u- (critique requested)


4 February 2014 at 12:28:56 MST

I guess after this one, I stop to draw him for a while. oh gosh, I lie here, I have another one in progress and I got to draw another one into his casino outfit for my journal skin AFTER! , it will be okay ^^

Okay, now let me explain the why he's wearing this, it's simply I design I done a few years ago when I were writing my story about Mario & Luigi - Destined which I put it on Hiatus, because i'm not sure of if I will continue it. I only posted one page of this comic while I got all the pages done of the prologue.... I dunno why I hesitate to post them.. In brief, The 2 brothers will wear this when they'll go in the desert and when they'll be in a ship. The ''Daisy'' he has, it's because, in my story, Luigi belongs now to Sarasaland with Daisy which he's actually prince but soon King as his brother. And Mario belongs to the Mushroom Kingdom with Peach, which he's actually King of his Kingdom.

But still..... this story is on Hiatus... I don't give up this story 'cause this one I put lots of times on it to make it original. So maybe one day, when I'll get the skills to do Comics.... This will continue. who knows, I still got a bunch of time in my life. :nod:

So yeah, Enjoy this Luigi again! (facepalm on myself)

IMAO, he looks like Monalisa in this pose XDDDD

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