Evade and counter by MGlBlaze

Evade and counter


2 November 2014 at 13:18:20 MST

I don't know who or what Neeko is fighting but I'd like to think their attack was rather sloppy.

Did a quick sketch for my friend Kiwi because she was feeling down lately and I wanted to do something for her. :'3

Also I have seen an awful lot of images of people doing moves in a fight that would probably get them killed so I wanted to make something that looked cool and was at least somewhat actually viable. In this case, he has taken a passing step to the side to avoid a high cut directed at where he was standing while delivering and upwards cut to the armpit or abdomen. Motion is hard to get across but to round off the move he'll bring his back foot forward again and resume a guard position, because let's face it, that isn't a position you're supposed to stay in for any real length of time.

Neeko is property of the recpient, kiwinoacorn kiwinoacorn

Neeko seriously, eat something, you don't look healthy at all. No, I don't care if you're a god and technically food doesn't matter to you.

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