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Julia And Solmar by Meztli72

Julia And Solmar


Final colored version!!!

Julia (14 years old, left) and Solmar (10, right) are sisters; they live with their parents at home. Julia goes to high school, she's smart and prone to study a lot but at the same time she procrastinates a lot as well. Solmar prefers to stay at home or playing outside with her friends when possible. Julia has a loud, perhaps a bit harsh voice and it seems that she acts in an angry, annoyed or even mocking way but actually she's too adorable and everybody realizes that. Solmar has a loud but sweet, joyful voice; she likes to do weird and funny sounds with her mouth just to entertain herself and people around her feel amused. Julia likes to teach tongue twisters to her sister, sometimes they're difficult and they end up laughing a lot. When Julia is sad she gets too serious and her face shows a gloomy countenance; when Solmar does she gets angry and very touchy. They have their hair too long (beyond their feet) because they like it and their family agrees with that [in this version it's even longer as Rapunzel's]; at home they like to have their tresses open but sometimes they do braids each other and enjoy a lot the process; everybody falls in Love with their abundant, shiny tresses; outside they wear braids and updos to protect it, sometimes . Both sisters have chestnut hair with undefined reflects; Julia's eyes are green and Solmar has heterochromia: her left eye is blue and her right one is light hazel with some green. Sometimes they like to wear shorts and a T-shirt; sometimes a long dress or a long skirt with cool designs and thin fabrics. They absolutely adore each one even if they seem to have a lot of arguments from time to time, perhaps it's due to their childish behavior (I mean very childish). Both parents work at a medium-size business and they seem to be extremely prosperous; still, they care a lot of people in need through big donations. Both sisters and their parents have Latino, French and Jewish ancestors. Both sisters goes to the same school and have cool friends but sadly they face some bullying from time to time (please don't support it, you, reader!!!). Both sisters have two cats and two dogs and they seem to enjoy them a lot. Julia wants to become a renowned engineer and Solmar an actress/social communicator.

Artwork by me.

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