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The Oracle's Daily Life.


22 January 2020 at 13:24:18 MST

Oh deary me, What do we have here, a fresh doodle-batch for 2020, my goodness =]
Well this batch is a very, very late Christmas Gift for one of my sweet close-friend; Kiwi-Chan269
fresh doodles featuring her lovely-Raptor character named Livius, Whom also called '' The Oracle '' in our new revamped story with my Arbiter-Species.

These Doodles pretty much explain themselves; Livius has the most-important task (( role )) in the story, Being their creator's instrument, whom they call '' The Primagen '' And thus giving her precious-child, The gift to become The Oracle; Long-story.... But that will be explained at another time.

These Doodles involve some Yaoi and Mpreg, so if you are sensitive or uncomfortable about the subject, and please by all means, keep your nasty compliments to yourself and begone from my Gallery. Thank you :)

My favorite-grumpy Ambassador also makes a slight debut in these Doodles btw, Ah Jade, How I miss doodling ol'Mr Gumballs, goodness me how its been so long, His story has been revamped to, to suit a more fitting role in my story, Jade is the Ambassador of Guna'Di Village, and love-interest to Livius.

Oh that's right, As you can see, The Arbiters have a new Feral-Form, They can shift into giant scaled cat-like creatures, I have to give a huge praise and thank-you to kylynazur Aka Chunhua-Zhu, for designing their new feral-forms, There are also a different new-breed type of Arbiter btw, as you can see with Jade, he now has wings, They are called '' Elysian-Arbiters '' a breed able to fly, and with Dah'val; The white-colored cub you see next to Livius, He is a '' Shirudo-Arbiter '' a breed with unique-scale armor and tail muscle, Kiri rightfully owns the new Shirudo-breed; Arbiters come in Common and Rarity.

Oh my, oh my!, I better stop typing so much before I get far too ahead-of myself hehe, So folks, I hope you enjoy these fresh doodles, and as you can see, I am testing out a new doodling style for the new year, and I must say I am enjoying it, My art motivation is slowly-uplifting.

The new cartoony-look as something my Daughter suggested to try, and I might stick with it, Goodness me, I hope you're all doing well my friends, how I miss being active on DA.

Art (c) Sagger-Chan That's Me.
Jade Xanglon (c) Belongs To Me.
Livius and Dah'val (c) Both belong to Kiwi-Chan269 Respectfully.
Arbiter Species (c) Belong to me, They are not an open-species btw, So Please Do NOT create your own Arbiter without my permission, Thank you.

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