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Phage Absorbs Sphinx the A.I. by metalzaki

Phage Absorbs Sphinx the A.I.


1 June 2015 at 20:21:00 MDT

After seen the phage comic and pics that other artist have done I decided to draw a comic as a side project of Phage trying to absorb Sphinx only to get trapped in her fail safe program. after witch Joltie the thunder goddess show up and is going to do some off screen stuff to Phage to purge her from Sphinx body.

To those that inspired me to make this I would like to thank them and feature the links of there pics that gave me this inspiration.

chaoscroc chaoscroc
queenmafdet queenmafdet
and this pic on sonicality sonicality gallery

Sphinx the A.I and Joltie the Thunder Goddess belong to me. metalzaki metalzaki
Phage the A.I belongs to sonic comics
special thanks to chaoscroc chaoscroc for helping me with Phages diolog in the final panel