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E-114: Ella the Dragonfly by metalzaki

E-114: Ella the Dragonfly


Name: E-114 "Ella".
Nickname: Mistress.
Species: Robot Dragonfly Mobian.
Age: 21.
Date of birth: ??????????
Birthplace: Robotics Factory. (no clue on name for one at moment)
Height: 4 feet 6 inches.
Weight: 150.4 pounds.
Alignment: Chaotic Evil.
Likes: Dominating captives into obedient slaves and messing with her Big brother D-011 "Doll."
Dislikes: Heroes freeing her slaves and Doll saying "I told you so."
Powers: Sonic pulse attacks, respawning in a chamber when her body is destroyed.

Story: An E-Model robot designed as a guard prisons, E-114 was modified to have an A.I capable of advanced learning and was given additional programing on how to be a domme. At first E-114 was good at their job of dominating at a night club, but after gaining more sentience and realizing she was not in charge of her own life, E-114 decided to leave. A few weeks later she came across another Robot of a similar model/make to her with more free will named D-001 "Doll", resisting what had been programmed to do, E-114 saw him more as an older brother.

Now she has a career as a bondage slave trainer for evil villain clients.

Another time I got board and drew a Robot OC. Not much to be said about her.

Art and Ella belong to Metalzaki Metalzaki

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