(Coloring) Ramona's New Slave by ChaosCroc by metalzaki

(Coloring) Ramona's New Slave by ChaosCroc


22 June 2019 at 17:28:14 MDT

A commission I got from ChaosCroc ChaosCroc of my character Ramona the Albino Alligator capturing ChaosCroc.

What happening in this pic is that ChaosCroc travailed back in time to get Slave for his Harem only to make the mistake of trying to take slave that belong to Ramona Goddess of Fertility and Domination. Now Captured he going be Ramona personal plaything the long way back to his own time.

Croc and sketchwork by ChaosCroc ChaosCroc
Ramona and Coloring by Metalzaki Metalzaki