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Halloween 2016: Trance or Treat by metalzaki

Halloween 2016: Trance or Treat


My Halloween YCH picture for the year. In this pic of my oc Roxanne the Fox getting ready for Halloween with her kinky Halloween party. By using her Vampire Gaze to get some helpers to be the decoration and pets. Roxanne even got help from Drider Zaki when he made all the latex outfits.

Zaki: I see you got all the helpers you needed.

Roxanne: Yep this will be the Kinkiest Halloween party I ever did. Not to mention I can put more guests in a trance if I want.

Zaki: Actually no you can't. The Artist decided to make it so you can only do vampire gaze to only 4 victims till November 5th. after that you are going to be barely able to do it till next year.

Roxanne: Really!?! looks to artist

Zaki: Now lets make your latex Red Mage costume.

Roxanne: blushes. Can it be a straitjacket too? cute face

Zaki: Sure why not. But you owe me if you know what I mean. winks.

Roxanne: Fine I will get you a lot of chocolate bars.

Top left - Baavan Pendragon belongs to chaosoverlordZ and Izia Izia
Top right - Cosami Pendragon belongs to chaosoverlordZ and Izia Izia
Bottom left - Salem the Vamp Fox belongs to jenna_jinx jenna_jinx
Bottom Right - Lexi the Husky belongs to chrome933 but was commission by sonic-the-cool-man for them.
Middle - Roxanne the Vamp Fox and Art belongs and done by metalzaki metalzaki