FILM SCORE 1: The Battle of Kros [Main Theme] by MesserWolf

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FILM SCORE 1: The Battle of Kros [Main Theme]


17 January 2014 at 15:35:25 MST

At an undecided time in the future. Humans and anthropomorphic beings coexist but are separated from each other by "Domains" which are large grouped cities located around the globe, and isolated from each other.

Very very long story short, a type of virus was created to be injected into selected beings called the "Kros virus"

This virus was made for the sole purpose of sustaining life. Those who had the virus became immune to nearly any disease and became a sort of "super being" in which they obtained unnatural strength and abilities.

The original group of beings injected with the virus created an organization known as the Initiative of Kros and chose certain outsiders to obtain the virus and decided to destroy any none "super" beings, human, or anthro.

However, little do each of them know, that the Kros virus of the course of hundreds of years, created a mind o it's own and eventually decided to slowly convert each Kros victim into empty shells. The mind and soul drained from their bodies, leaving nothing but Kros, with a mind of its own.

"In order for a new era to start, one must first end"

This one serves as the main theme which unlike most of the pieces will be hearing, this one is knew but you've heard parts of this before due to my previous "kros" music experiences, but I do thing so far this is the best one! But no, don't think its all gonna be old stuff, just check out second one which is already out too.

I've added a lot of new elements. zironyxcyx has also added a few things of his own such as some snare rolls and arranged a few parts to match the instrument better. I can't thank him enough for his help on my first three pieces.

Unfortunately the file was too big so it had to be compressed, but it's not that noticable, zironyxcyx zironyxcyx made sure of it! I also made sure to do one final edit before posting as i always do.

Please, enjoy and let me know what you think!

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