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Hey Digimon by meroe1313

Hey Digimon


I was inspired to make my own Digimon character. I haven't thought much about his prior forms or evolutions, aside from names, so if you feel inspired and would like to draw some forms for him, please do! I'll share them here.

Level: Rookie
Type: Beast Dragon
Family: Nature Spirit, Dragon's Roar
Attribute: Virus
Attacks: Torch, Feral Surge
Prior form: Pupimon
Evolution: Fangdramon

A mutant Aroomon, born with a higher concentration of dragon code in its digicore, causing significant changes to its physical and mental state once it grows into rookie form. It possesses greater intellect and strength than normal Aroomon and a powerful fighting spirit, so the pack often chases Aroodramon away out of fear. Aroodramon lives a lonely existence, scavenging and foraging to survive. If it wants something, it takes it, and it will fight anyone that disagrees. It's possible for Aroodramon to learn differently, but because of its selfishness and ferocity, and distrust of civilization, it will most likely never meet the one who could change its fate.