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Water Skipping by meroe1313

Water Skipping


I am open for commissions! >

This time, a little Legend of Zelda by request! I drew inspiration for the background from Majora's Mask. The characters pictured here are part of the creator's fan-fiction series, which has been linked below.

For super-sonic-101

Quest of Seven >
"Iris the Deku Scrub, a well known thief from Hyrule, along with her adopted bird-brother, Skits, found themselves thrown into a crazy adventure when they were kidnapped from their home in the Lost Wood's. As well as six other people, not only taken from Hyrule, but from different TIMELINE's of Hyrule by the mysterious Dragalfos. The Dragalfos brought the captured seven to a large Fortress at an unknown location. Now, she must team up with the other captives to get back home." - Super-Sonic-101