The First Encounter by MercyLasVegas

The First Encounter


4 June 2015 at 07:27:02 MDT

Just a 'scene' out of Pokémon Alpha Sapphire

After 30 tries I got it - a shiny Raikou; but he was no big opponent for my Stuee haha and my 'lil ZU. Just two times he used False Swipe, one Hyperball... and now he's part of our team.
His name is Toga. C:

Tried to draw my-pokétrainer-self in the pokémon-style... gosh... v___v''

To the title: Raikou is one of the three wander Pokémon in Gen.2 - so yeah it is the 'first' meeting - but in this case it is also the only; 'cause I caught him in the portal in Alpha Sapphire.
To the pic: yes I know: the portal is not a cave - it is some rainbow-sparkle-dreamy shit; but I love the idea of a cave-meeting... so yeah that's it. <3

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