Friction by MePhone4-Lawgic (critique requested)

Friction (critique requested)


14 November 2015 at 17:24:14 MST

Just Jupiter.

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    I saw that you wanted a critique for this, so I'm gonna try.

    First, I'll talk about your anatomy from the top and work my way down. Her hair looks really flat, so adding a few stray hairs will help make it look more natural. One eye does not look like the other at all, one has a thick line to define it and the other is very thin. The lines defining the shape of the face are flat, faces don't work like that; the human body is full of curvy lines. Her neck looks too thin and too short, it should look like it's coming from the jaw. When you look at photos of people, the neck lines look like they originate from where the jaw connects to the skull itself. The breasts look like they might be too far up, so bringing them down a little more might help. In general, her body is very flat. Flat as in, curves in the wrong places. Her hips look too high for where you decided her crotch should be. The hand not holding the knife shouldn't be so big, just a little bit smaller. The fingers look like they are the same size, the middle finger is the longest, and the ring finger is usually longer or equal length to the index finger. The thumb usually only comes up to the first index finger digit when you hold it against your hand. With the hand holding the knife, you should be able to see the thumb since if she is supposed to look threatening then her hand would be in a fist shape.

    As for the clothes, this looks like it is supposed to be a tight jumpsuit kind of thing. Even if clothing is skin-tight, there are still some wrinkles to show that it is clothing.

    I'm not that great with describing things with words, so I would like to do a redline with your permission.

    I hope I helped!

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      Thank you for the critique! I usually don't get critiques, so seeing something like this surprised me :P
      (I totally forget about textures or anything, like wrinkles.)

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        You're welcome! ^^ If you want, I'm willing to redline this since I'm not good at wording things sometimes.