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Just a start by MemphisLarsen

Just a start


I already had this uploaded to my DeviantArt and my FurAffinity account so I thought I'd upload it here for the sake of it

I feel like I should get some things off my chest while I'm I'll probs make a journal for that

lol no it turns out making a journal here is too confusing for my feeble mind

My name is Will, I’m 16, I’m a male and I’m here to talk about myself to all of nickname is Memphis btw

I’m an animator, Illustrator, Singer, Former film maker and basically your all around miserable guy who wishes he had patience…I like to vent a lot. Whenever I’m going through a bad time, I put on some music and I vent to close friends. While I’m here, I’d might as well talk about my favourite music genres. I’m super into ska music, so much in fact that I own a checkered tie and I’m able to sing like the specials member, Terry Hall. I also like a bit of electronic music, The prodigy, Dr Baker and Zombie nation never cease to annoy me. I also like grunge music, so far Nirvana is my personal favourite. I like to play video games in my spare time…sometimes I wonder how many hours I play of GTA 5…..No wonder why I’m single lol

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