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Horse Play by MechanicalMare

Horse Play


4 December 2018 at 01:15:50 MST

   "Mhmm!" I tried to talk, but the gag didn't budge one inch. My 'hooves' made trying to remove it impossible and walking tricky. Then, I felt a shock that made me jump, and a mechanical voice turned to life: "My show horse is finally awake. We have a long day in front of us, and if you behave well it will make it easier for both of us... " As it said that, another thing in my suit burst to life and send wave of pleasure, making me weak in my knee, and as quickly as it began it stopped.
"...But if you decide to be rebellious, there would be consequences." I fell another stronger electric shock in my body. Then, a door opened, and I entered it, not knowing why or how I was there. As I was leaving the first room, the pleasure that I fell in the suit started again but less powerful, always bringing me to the edge of orgasm but never further. "It's going to be a long day for you, horsie."

Art by turbinedivinity

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