A Big Fat Thank You, Mates by Maylean Call

A Big Fat Thank You, Mates

Maylean Call

17 July 2014 at 03:04:07 MDT

"Wow, so. I just wanted to throw this out at you people.

Thank you to those who favourite my work.
Thank you to those who follow me here, on my alt, and on every other site I'm on.
Thank you to those who lurk in my stream and to those who post.
Thank you to those who give my art, spread my name, and talk to me in general.

And at the risk of sounding stupid, a really big thanks to those who commissions me, wait for my YCH's, and are generally super excited about the art that I draw them.

Because of all of you I have done so much just in this month that I can't even gather enough words that really, REALLY show how much I appreciate it all.

As of May 4th, I have been out of school. I've graduated, gotten my degree, and have been looking for work for months now. It's July, and I'm quickly getting to the point where my saved up money is almost gone. I only have enough in my bank account for maybe two more months, not covering food. I've gotten some side work with a family friend and I continue to contact employers in attempts to catch myself some constant employment.

However, because of my commissioners I have been able to actually pay a bill solely on my art profits. It's an amazing feeling. Not just because I feel like I have achieved something so much greater than I thought I could have done, but also to have that burden be lifted at least for this up-coming month.

Within just this month, I have been able to improve upon my art abilities, learn more about anatomy and structure, and perfect my different techniques.

I want to continue doing this. I want to keep getting even better and providing you all with great art work. I know I'm not famous and I know my art is only probably average right now. I'm not one of "the greats" but maybe, just maybe I'll be up there one day.

So thank you again for all of this support. For making me feel this special and talented.

I hope you all are having a good summer. c:

Love you all.

~ May"

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