[COM] Downhill Demon (by Chibi-Marrow) by MaxCoyote

[COM] Downhill Demon (by Chibi-Marrow)


17 October 2014 at 19:34:31 MDT

So, this is a personal piece.

About a month ago, I flew to Spokane to spend time with   sokitwopaw. For pleasure and also business. Since I fly for free, why the heck not? I wasn't sure if we'd hit it off. But honestly, I had a wonderful time and I was super happy about being able to talk with him about everything, not just my Roughneck suit, which was the business aspect of my trip (why I chose Roughneck for this, and not MaxCoyote).

After we finished all out Roughneck talk and measurements, he took me to Silver Mountain in Idaho. I suppose a part of me wasn't prepaird on how physically demanding the trips down the moutain would be. Mentally draining as well since a split second not paying attention could mean you rolling head first down a hill.

Besides being sore for a week, I loved my trip. It was great to really get to know Soki too. I will never forget the trip. Thank you Soki for being an awesome host, making amazing suits, being a good friend, and great downhill guide. :) Thank you for helping me try something new.

Pick drawn by the amazing Chibi Marrow. Thank you Chibi for doing a bang up job on this, which was very personal commission. A wonderful memento of my trip!

artwork ©   chibi-marrow 2014
Cruz character ©   sokitwopaw 2014
Roughneck character ©   maxcoyote 2014

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