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[COM] Custom Beer Pong Table (clean) (by SpazzyKoneko) by MaxCoyote

[COM] Custom Beer Pong Table (clean) (by SpazzyKoneko)


21 December 2013 at 17:59:37 MST

WEEEEE!! So, some of you might already know about this.

This is a commission I hired good ol Spazzy to do, but this one is very special. As a few of you might konw, I have gotten HOOKED on the local beer pong scene the last few months. Every weekend I try to go.

So, being a furry, I had to customize my game. Get the furry shit into beer pong. The only way I felt to do that was to get a custom beer pong table. They are custom printed ones you can buy.

So, that's this commission. :3 This is the clean art made by Spazzy. When It's summited eventually (when I have the money, really), the designers at the pong table company will add my insignia and several brand logos of my favorite beers.

Till I upload the photos of the finished table (many months away), enjoy the clean art file for the table Spazzy made. It's basically just Max and Fate (TT version*) playing beer pong together. basically, making a shoot off to see who goes first. The 4:1 is for the table, which is 2ft by 8ft. So excited to see this table come to life! :) Thank you so much Spazzy! *hugs*


artwork ©

FateCoyote and MaxCoyote characters © maxcoyote

*TT means "Techni Timeline" which is an alternate version of Fate's character where she matures and opens her heart to the world and her family, no longer scared by her past. Happy and joyus.

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