[PATREON] Grace Under Water (by Versiris) by MaxCoyote

[PATREON] Grace Under Water (by Versiris)


11 July 2015 at 21:35:20 MDT

About two months ago, I started being a top tier Patreon supporter for Versiris. If you remember her, she used to be on FA as lawlzy. She left FA a few years ago and changed her style and market. She's still doing artwork, just trying to back away from the furry scene. I honestly don't blame her.

HOWEVER, she's still more then happy to draw furry art for any furries who find her on DA. Or her website. :) When I asked her for my first month's Patreon award, I wasn't sure what to ask her for. So, I asked her for my fursona as a pool toy, and the rest is up to her. I was kinda afraid she'd see the pool toy thing as some weird furry crap she wouldn't wanna draw. But she was totally awesome about it and turned a weird furry interest into something beautiful! :O

Not only do I loe how cute he is a squeaky, but I love how graceful and pretty he looks! :O Thank you so much Versiris for this awesome work! :O So glad to be a Patreon supporter for you! :)

artwork © Versiris 2015 (https://www.patreon.com/versiris)
Character © maxcoyote 2015

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