Commission Example Sheet by maunderfiend

Commission Example Sheet


30 July 2016 at 20:47:16 MDT

Tumblr: Maunderfiend//Skype: Maundermor

If you are interested feel free to contact me via tumblr IM, Fanmail, or through MaunderMor @ Skype (please do not contact me via Skype unless it is purely for business purposes.)


All prices vary on character complication and composition requested.


Bust $5.00 USD
Torso $10.00 USD
Full $15.00 USD
Rendered Sketch

Bust $10.00 USD
Torso $15.00 USD
Full $20.00 USD

Bust $10.00 USD
Torso $15.00 USD
Full $20.00 USD
Blocked Render

Bust $15.00 USD
Torso $20.00 USD
Full $25.00 USD
Cell Render

Bust $20.00 USD
Torso $25.00 USD
Full $30.00 USD
Full Render

Bust $25.00 USD
Torso $30.00 USD
Full $40.00+ USD
*Added characters can be negotiated in terms of cost, however the cost ticks up depending on what render you’re seeking. IE added characters in a sketch commission may cost 5-10 dollars extra with composition variables included (See; Bust, Torso, Full).

During the process of your commission you will be informed in real-time of the updates. I periodically provide screenshots through the sketching process and will ask you if you want things changed or altered. When I enter the rendering period you cannot ask for major changes. Minor alterations are permitted, but nothing that would require me to redraw major portions of the character/image itself. If you request large alterations, you will be asked to compensate for the extra time put into your commission. Please be sure you tell me when you want changed during the sketching process, it is preferable. I supply every opportunity to do so.

I can do;

NSFW (Gore/Adult content)
Suggestive themes (lingerie, pinups)
Monsters, Aliens, Robots, Furries, etc
Multiple Characters
I Refuse to do;

Anything that involves an under-age looking character taking part in adult activities, regardless of their canon age
Anything pertaining to the sexual assault of an individual, adult, or minor
Anything involving a minor involved in adult activities
Non-sentient creatures engaging in adult activities with sentient-creatures

Please respect my boundaries.

By choosing to get a commission from be you are thereby agreeing to the fact you will not be refunded/cannot ask for a refund of full payment once the end of the commission is met and the picture is nearly or entirely complete.
If you ask for a refund you will be required to pay for the work I have already done, and will be returned the portion of money that did not go into the work itself. You will compensate for the time, effort, and energy put into your commission up until the point you decided you did not want it anymore and desired a refund.
You cannot/will not ask for major changes once your piece has entered the rendering stage of coloration and detail management. Changes are only applicable during the rough-up stage in which I will link you periodically to the picture in progress and ask you thoroughly if you’d like anything adjusted or changed in the presented image.
By commissioning me you are agreeing to all the aforementioned terms. This may change over time, but as of 2016 this is my TOS. Information shall be expanded upon at a later time. Thank you for reading.

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