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/no longer taking offers/ by Matuska

/no longer taking offers/


21 August 2016 at 15:45:31 MDT

EDIT:hey everyone! this fursuit is up for auction now- tell ur friends!

This is a suit I made a few years ago for a friend, it was worn a few times rather lightly and then refurbished by me! I'm taking offers by email only to rehome it!

Accepting offers no lower than $700 at this time

-newly lined head, made for someone tall with a long face, keep this in mind for fitting/vision
-hand paws, made for long hands, ideally around 7 inches from palm to fingertip
-separate arm sleeves with elastic to secure them
-tail with elastic to be worn with a belt
-outdoor foot paws, these will be custom finished for the winning offer!

You can find additional photos of the suit here!

offers to pay in full will be favored, but payment plans can be discussed.
squarecash is highly preferred, but payment can also be taken through paypal.
shipping is likely to be 30+, please provide your address with your offer for a more accurate estimate!

This suit was made for a tall person! The models used in the photos are 5'10'' and 5'5'' - however of course it's up to the buyer's discretion as to if this suit will be a good fit for you! c:

Please email with offers! Feel free to ask questions as well of course.
Currently there is no cut-off date for offers. I'll update this post when a cut off date is decided!

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    I can't help myself but... That booty though X3